Noodle Soup         $12.95

1st Step

Choose Broth

Meat Broth: Beef Broth  Spicy Broth
Vegetarian Broth: Tomato - Mushroom


2nd Step

Choose Meat (ONE)

-Beef  -Chicken  -Shrimp  -Lamb  -Pork Belly


3rd Step

Choose Noodles (ONE)

-Ramen  -Shanghai  -Rice  -Udon


4th Step

Choose The Sides (TWO)

-Cabbage  -Spinach  -Bean Sprout  -Beef Ball -King Mushroom  -Fresh Tofu

Extra order of meat or shrimp $3.95 each -Extra noodles $2.95 each   -Extra Side order $1.75 each


Steam Rice $1.95   Shrimp, Chicken or Beef Fried Rice (egg, scallion, bean sprout) $10.95

Pan Fried/Steam Pork Dumpling (10 pieces) $6.95